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Full Size Or Compact Essay

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Full Size or Compact
The love people have for horses have been around for centuries. There are many breeds of horses; the most popular is the Quarter Horse. Over the years a smaller breed of the Quarter Horse has emerged, the Quarter Pony. There is certain criteria a Quarter Horse must have, the Quarter Pony must meet certain criteria, and since the Quarter Pony comes from the Quarter Horse breed the two are alike and different. Even though the Quarter Pony is a small replica of the Quarter Horse, the Quarter Horse is one of the most recognized horse breeds in America.
The Quarter Horse has certain criteria it must have to be considered for registration with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). The following is some of the ...view middle of the document...

The following is some of the IQPA regulations that are required (IQPA, 2011). The horse is required to be under 14.2 HH and over 11.2 HH, must come from one parent that is registered with the AQHA (the mother or father must be registered with the AQHA), the horse does not have to be one of the 17 basic Quarter Horse coat colors, and must be short, stocky, and muscular.
Although the Quarter Pony is a small replica of the Quarter Horse, they are alike and different. A Quarter Pony is known for its compact size and often is picked for a child's first horse when the child is learning to ride, where the Quarter Horse is known for its lighting like speed in short distance runs and is for more experienced riders. The Quarter Horse and Quarter Pony are both good for pleasure riding, showing, and event competitions, the two are often used for therapeutic and hippotherapy (also known as equine therapy [Aetna, 2011]). The main downfalls with these horses are, the Quarter Horse can be high-spirited and full energy, where the Quarter Pony can be mischievous and stubborn.
Finally, the Quarter Pony is a smaller breed of the Quarter Horse they both are popular breeds of horse owners. There is certain criteria the Quarter Horse must have to be registered with the AQHA, the Quarter Pony must meet certain criteria to be registered with IQPA, and since the Quarter Pony comes from the Quarter Horse breed, they are alike and different.

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