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Full Sentence Outline

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Children can experience problems with splitting time between separated parents.
Each parent can have differing parenting styles to raise their children.
One parent may be stern with their rules toward his or her children and the other may be looser with rules.
Differing parenting styles can cause a child to have anxiety and confusion.
Parents have a difficult time communicating with each other after they separate from each other.
Children see parents fighting with each other if they do not know how to communicate with each other.
Children will learn negative values if they see their parents fighting with each other because they cannot communicate.
Children will have to relocate often if they share time between parents.
Children become frustrated and lonely if they have to constantly relocate.
Children will not have a sense of a solid home base if they are constantly switching between two homes.
Children gain many benefits if they share time between two parents.
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Parents are less likely to shower children with gifts to make up for lost time if they share time.
Child support is usually paid more consistently if parents cooperate with each other.
Parents can work together to make joint custody more successful.
Parents should communicate in a business-like manner about their arrangements with the children.
Parents cannot undermine each other in front of the children.
Parents have to be friendly with each other in front of the children to teach them proper communication skills.
Joint custody schedules have to be common and predictable.
Joint custody schedules have to be flexible to make adjustments for unexpected circumstances.
Each parent must understand that unexpected events occur occasionally in a joint custody schedule.
Parents should live in close proximity of each other for joint custody to work effectively.
Parents must be able to afford the cost of two full residences to support a success joint custody arrangement.

Where did you place the most effective arguments in your paper? Explain your reasoning.
My most effective argument is children maintain a strong relationship with both parents if the parents share joint physical custody. I placed this argument in the first part of my second main heading after I have discussed the opposing arguments. I plan to use my most effective argument as the first counterargument of my paper to try and capture the audience’s attention. I hope the strength of the first argument will add persuasive value to the remaining arguments I plan to present in my paper.

How did you address counter arguments without weakening your own premise?
I address the counter arguments to my premise by showing the multiple benefits of joint custody and weighing them against the disadvantages of the opposing viewpoints. I also include information on how the counter arguments strong points can be avoided if the parents cooperate together to achieve what is in the best interest of their children. I think by showing the opposing arguments to the premise of my argument first and countering them with my own arguments after is an effective way because it allows me to attack the weak points of the opposing arguments. Presenting my argument this way will give me the opportunity to dismiss the counter arguments to my premise without weakening it.

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