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Fuel Cells Essay

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By: Lorena Segundo, Fariha Shova, Carlos Sanchez, and Christian Polanco

WHAT ARE FUEL CELLS? Cells that produce an electric current directly from a
chemical reaction.
WHAT IS A CURRENT? Movement of electrical charge
HYDROGEN? A colorless and highly flammable gas
It is the lightest element on the periodic table It is also the most abundant substance in the universe

A fuel cell converts the chemical energy (hydrogen and oxygen) into water, and in the process it

History: Hydrogen/Fuel Cells ● Demonstrated fuel cells in the early nineteenth century by
Humphry Davy ● Followed by pioneering work on what were to become fuel
cells by ...view middle of the document...

-Always combined into molecules with other elements, typically oxygen and carbon. -This makes powering fuel cells a tricky subject because it runs most efficiently with hydrogen

Hydrogen can be renewable or nonrenewable. However, you can get hydrogen from various sources such as nonrenewable fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, petroleum, etc.) or renewable resources such as water.

Hydrogen can be stored as either a liquid or a gas depending on what it is bonded to or the conditions that it is under Examples: H2O (Hydrogen found in a liquid), H2 (Hydrogen gas).
*Note: Hydrogen can exist as liquid under high pressure and extremely low temperature

Hydrogen fuel cells are being used for stationary and transportation power in various places around the world, mostly in Japan, Europe and California

Fuel Cell Systems Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2009- 2011

WASTE PRODUCTS: ● H2O ● Small amounts of heat ● Vapour


Advantages ● Produces small quantities of greenhouse
gases ● None of the air pollutants cause health
problems ● Hydrogen is the ultimate clean energy
carrier ● Non-toxic and safe to breathe

Disadvantages ● Hydrogen is difficult to distribute and store ● The operation of fuel cells in very cold weather is
a problem, since water is always present in and around the cell
● The cost of fuel cells...

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