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Frustrated Contract Contract Law Essay

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Critically evaluate the doctrine of frustration as a method of contractual discharge and consider whether it has a role to play in the modern law of contract.

A contract may be discharged in the following ways; frustration, performance and breach. The doctrine of frustration covers situations where a contract is impossible to perform (for example; personal incapacity or supervening illegality). When a contract is frustrated it is automatically discharged at that moment. Although in these events a contract is not always frustrated, the event must not be the fault of either party or foreseeable.
The Paradine v Jane (1647) rule, was before the doctrine of frustration, where there used to be a ...view middle of the document...

It was not the only purpose (or foundation) of the contract, the boat could still be used for pleasure trips. This is distinguished from Krell v Henry [1903], as it was understood that the sole nature and purpose of the contract was to view the procession, and only in this instance can the contract be frustrated.
In personal service contracts, personal incapacity can also frustrate a contract; Condor v Barron Knights [1966] a drummer was not well enough to perform all the nights required within the contract. Furthermore a contract can also be frustrated through government intervention or supervening illegality. In Fibrosa Spolka Ackyjna v Fairbairin Lawson Combe Barbour Ltd [1943] war broke out so the machinery could not be delivered, the contract was frustrated as it was impossible to perform. In National Carriers Ltd v Panalpina (Norther) Ltd [1981] the contract involved the lease of a warehouse which was occupied for 20 months, however the contract was not frustrated as the warehouse was still usable throughout the period of the lease prior and after this period, therefore the deprivation of the site was relatively small compared with the term of the lease.
There are however situations where a contract is not frustrated. In Maritime national Fish Ltd v Ocean Trawlers [1935] the plaintiff could not obtain the amount of licences required to use all of his trawlers. It was not frustrated as the charter had a choice, he decided to use the licences on his personal boats not the hired ones. If the alleged frustrated event is self-induced the doctrine of frustration does not apply; the Eugenia [1964]. Also financial hardship does not frustrate a contract, it cannot be...

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