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Fruit Essay

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I picked up the notice of this assignment late in the day and not with much time to put five minutes of thought into it before entering into a two and a half hour Business calculus lecture, which was a complete strain on the neural pathways. I left tired and a little confused but with intent – I was going to find my fruit specimen and I got a little excited. I jumped into my truck and after picking up a burrito for dinner, I headed straight for home. Auto-pilot had kicked in, with tiredness and food on the mind there was only one destination, luckily a sign from the heavens appeared. A giant, glowing, red Vons supermarket sign, that awoke me from my transient state. A total blessing, as I ...view middle of the document...

Sitting cross-legged I placed the apple on the cold ceramic tile floor in front of me. The floor was made up of honey brown colored hexagons which felt like we had entered a giant beehive. The apple, still, silent and alone was wrapped in the see through carrier bag, which was tied at one end. The bag had become twisted and formed a transparent chrysalis that glistened in the light, almost as if nature had intended it. It teased me like a corpse in a body bag, peacefully suffocating. A warning inscribed on the bag briefly paraphrased read – keep away from babies and small children… may prevent breathing, ran across the body of the apple as if it were printed upon it. I decided to intensify my inspection and come down to the apples level.
I changed position so that I was laying on my front, my eye line now in line with the apple and my focus consumed by it. I tried to understand the apple and as I did the walls of the bathroom began to retract, leaving my subject of attention and I in a desolate space. A change of mental perspective that made me feel like I was in a surrealist painting. I was in a world of disproportionately large things, with the apple now my equal. I removed the apple from its chrysalis relieving it of a cocooned state of being and opening its features up to further examination,...

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