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Frozen Food Strategic Planning Essay

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Frozen foods and confectionary is a thriving business in Malaysia. Confection based foods such as bakeries and pastries such as frozen foods have become the preferred choice for busy parents and people, thus it is a good business to be ventured into.

The founder of Craving Puffs Sdn Bhd (from here on will be referred to as CPSB) is Mr Ali who was born and raised in Kedah. Curry Puffs is among the famous traditional snack, loved by Malaysians all over the country. It is also known as “Karipap”, “Karipap Pusing” or “Epok-Epok” in Bahasa Malaysia. The light and flaky pastry of curry puff, hold the contents of the delicious curry or sambal (read as spice and ...view middle of the document...

4. The purpose of this loan will be used as below:

| |Item |Amount (RM) |
|1 |Renovation Cost |26,000 |
|2 |Oven |5,000 |
|3 |Mixer X2 |4,000 |
|4 |Cash Register |1,000 |
|5 |Working Table (Stainless Steel) X2 |4,000 |
|6 |Trolley |1,300 |
|7 |Freezer |1,500 |
|8 |Tray X30 |1,200 |
|9 |Induction Stove |1,000 |
|10 |Raw Materials |5,000 |
| |TOTAL |50,000 |

2.5 The tenure of repayments that we planned are as below.

Sum of repayment : RM50,000
Interest : 5 %
Profit (per year) : RM 2,500.00
Total repayment (per year) : RM 10,000.00
Monthly repayment : RM 1,021.67


3.1 Business Address
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

3.2 Vision

To be the customer’s preferred choice.

3. Mission

➢ To stay ahead of current competitors by providing the best quality of foods in the market.
➢ To create value that is sustainable over the long term for shareholders, employees, consumers and business partners.
➢ To become the leader in frozen food industry, both locally and international.
➢ Constantly being innovative by creatively enhanced and create new flavours for the frozen food market.
➢ Creating the best place to work, by promoting teamwork.

3.4 Our Philosophy

We adhere to a strict, healthy and hygienic regiment to ensure that our customers get the best from Craving Puffs.  


1. Function and responsibility

Below are the key functions and responsibility in CPSB.

Managing Director
• Own and manage the company as a whole
• Ensure quality control of product manufactured and shipped
• Key person in all management and financial decisions

Sales and Marketing Manager
• Head of marketing department
• Manage all sales and customer service staffs
• Responsible to monitor and plan for activities to achieve and boost sales target on monthly basis
• Maintain good relationship with customers and suppliers

Finance Manager
• Head of financial department
• Manage company’s corporate accounts
• Key persons in auditing and monitoring transactions in...

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