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Frost's "The Road Not Taken" Essay

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“You have to be careful of that one; it’s a trick poem – very tricky.” This was Robert Frost’s own comment regarding his famous poem that according to him has been widely misinterpreted. The famous final three lines, of a poem better known under the title of The Road Less Traveled rather than it’s original title, has turned into one of pop culture’s favorite lines of encouragement. According to popular beliefs, the verses cite the fulfilling outcome of embarking a journey that is less traveled by. On August 23, 1953, in the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, however, Frost claimed that this poem was dedicated to a friend who had gone off to war. A friend, who whichever road he took would ...view middle of the document...

The interpretation of “sorry” would differ based on the supporting tone. When using, the lively tone of spring, “sorry” could be inferred as an adventurous ball of energy where the person wishes he could take both at once no matter what the result may come to be. But in using a darker tone, “sorry” may be implied as a painful decision, or something more with more weight. Either way, the two seasons would leave contradicting impressions.
The second stanza points out that the person has made a decision. The simile, “as just as fair”, may forecast that the road would lead to the same outcome in the end, although the person may still have hope for a better ending. Also, the personification that the grass “wanted wear”, may symbolize a force that drew him into making such a decision. Something about that particular road must have appealed to him more than the other. As the person went along the road he selected, however, he realizes the road may just be about the same as the other.
There is another emphasis on a depressing tone in the third stanza. “In leaves no step had trodden black”, mentions the fallen leaves of autumn that would turn black when being stepped on. Again, this is an evident repetition of autumn setting the tone of a stanza. This time however, the season is deeply associated with black. When connected to the dead leaves of autumn, black may become a color that represents death, mourning, or doubt. In this stanza the person shows doubt and regret along the way. Though the narrator has a desire to purse the other trail someday, he knows that eventually one thing would lead to another....

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1001 words - 5 pages Education, Inc.  Retrieved from Ravit Reichman, (2012). 'The Ethics of an Alternative: Counterfactuals and the Tone of Dissent,' in Austin Sarat(ed.), Dissenting Voices in American Society: The Role of Judges, Lawyers, and Citizens, Cambridge University Press, pp.19-41, p.19. Finger, Larry L. (November 1978). "Frost's "The Road Not Taken": A 1925 Letter Come to Light". American Literature 50 (3): 478–479. doi:10.2307/2925142. JSTOR 2925142. Berube, M. (2000). Reply to Mark Bauerlein. Boundary 2, 27(1), 217.

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