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From Your Knowledge Of Restaurants And From The Case Itself, Identify How Each Of The 10 Decisions Of Operations Management Is Applied At Hard Rock How Would You Determine The Productivity Of The Kitchen Staff And Wait Staff At Hard Rock?

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Hard Rock Café got its start back in 1971 by two gentlemen, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, with a single pub in London, England. Their love of music was the foundation of the business from the very beginning and now 40 years later you can still see that passion throughout. They are currently in 52 countries and have 171 venues around the world. Their collection of memorabilia attracts music lovers of many eras and their logo is recognized globally. I will look at how Hard Rock Café has carefully applied the 10 critical decisions of operations management and how the productivity of the staff help to create such a phenomenon.
1. Service and product design. Hard Rock started as a single pub ...view middle of the document...

They are located in cities where tourists go
5. Layout design. Hard Rock cafes are not just places to sit and eat. Your are welcome to roam around look at all the “exhibit” of rock and roll memorabilia from music icons like Elvis and The Beatles to Madonna and Jimi Hendrix.
6. Human resources and job design. Hard Rock hires employees who have a passion for music and entertainment.
7. Supply-chain management. Hard Rock only uses suppliers who have high quality products.
8. Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT. Hard Rocks inventory is unique and interesting: all relating to music history. They create menus around it and design retail merchandise around it. They rotate memorabilia throughout different locations to give customers a constant flow of new items to see.
9. Intermediate and short-term scheduling. Their scheduling has to be adaptable considering they are in tourists locations. They schedule based upon previous year’s sales. For best coverage they schedule in 15 minute increments to allow for the best coverage.
10. Maintenance. At Hard Rock they have a maintenance department for the upkeep of the...

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