From Traditional To Critical Security Essay

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From traditional to critical security

Why security?
* It is fundamental to international relations.
* States will often regard security as one of the most important factor.
* Refer to lecture slides
What is security?
* Security most heavily contested and discussed concepts.
* Security is inherently subjective

3 core lines of disagreement between scholars over security ( Test )
* What should we seek to secure?
* What do we need to secure? What are most important to states?
* Who or what should be responsible for providing security? The state? Or the people?
Traditional security studies
* Focuses on Military forces, states, armed conflict.
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Eg. History, ideology, culture.
* Scholars might ask that why the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea is more threatening to the united states than the nuclear weapons by the British.
* US and British share the same culture and language, thus US regards the British as a friend, that’s why they don’t deem them as a threat
* However the US still views the British as a threat.
* US even sold nuclear weapon technology to British.
* Social interaction with North Korea has made them a threat to the United states. Eg. Communist state vs democratic state.
Critical Security studies and critical IR theory
* Problem solving theory vs critical theory
* Problem solving theory takes the world as it is.
* Critical theory questions the world as it is, asking how it came to be.
* Critical IR theory is central to Booth’s work which is also predicated on the idea that emancipation is central to security
* Booth argued that emancipation and security are two sides of the same coin.
* Booth states that the state should be responsible for security.
* Booth also states that the states are the means to security for individuals therefore it is illogical to suggest that the state should be the referent object of security.
* Booth suggested that security should focus...

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