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From R.Evolution To Sustainable Development Essay

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ABSTRACT This article aims to address the issue of Sustainable Development (SD) in an evolutionary perspective within its multidisciplinary scope. The complexity of developments for sustainability has frequently proven difficult in its implementation, evaluation and effective communication.It was our intention to provide an outline of the diverse views on the subject, focusing on globalization as a change of attitude towards sustainability.It is a review of terminology associated with the SD and its multiple interpretations.It is referenced the apparent and irrelevant impact of initiatives to solve the ...view middle of the document...

, 2005). Like the big revolutions, an environmental revolution will demand sacrifices. It will also change the face of the earth and institutions as we know them today, it will probably modify human relationships, cultures, hierarchies, economies, but the expected gains are incalculable. Will this (R)Evolution take place? There is no guarantee. The certainty ahead is the ecological and economic impoverishment of culture and civilization, which will certainly experience many difficulties in adapting to their environmental needs. Nearly two decades ago, William Ruckelshaus, the founding administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, raised the issue on the enormity of the challenge: “Can we move nations and people towards sustainability? Such a move would represent a change in society comparable in scale to only two other changes: the Agricultural Revolution of the late Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution of the last two centuries. These revolutions were gradual, spontaneous and for the most part unconscious. The aim of this revo-

lution will have to be a fully conscious operation, guided by the best know-how that science can provide. If we are really doing it, it will be an absolutely unique corporation in humanity's stay on Earth (Ruckelshaus, W. 1989; Bozuwa, P. 2006). The stories and the work on SD have been consistently cemented, discussed and debated in literature over the past 35 years (Mebratu, 1998;Leiserowitz et al 2006; Graham M. 2008).This evolution has driven research into priority in a mission line of attack, in building science and sustainable technology (Holdren 2008).The area under discussion has put together an exclusive language, merging into a proliferation of expressions such as Triple bottom line, sustainability, corporate citizenship, social responsibility, greening of supply chains and cooperative responsibility, to name a few. The purpose of this essay is to bring about and review the current state of SD while an evolutionary process. Not an easy assignment, on account of the multidisciplinary proliferation this theme that has undergone. We restricted our work to 5 topics, in an attempt to frame in a coordinated way, considering its evolutionary view, the transition to a timeless approach, which has allowed numerous interpretations where even now, despite the change effort, it is perceived a low influence on the required improvements, and finally, the particularity of the estimated atomized impact that SMEsare likely to have, in an overall strategy for sustainability.As a rule, after going over the bibliography and the accomplished studies, we verify that a large majority ofSMEsis not addressed in the dialogue of sustainability issues. When examining literature on the subject we also found that, when confronted with aspects related to SD, SMEs are receptive to change of habits and to adopting new strategies for their business. Let’s not forget that, on a global level, many of these SMEs...

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