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From Battlefield To Neighborhood Essay

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The participants were to be taken from a sampling of war veterans who have or had a substance use in connection to their deployment. The time of their deployment was not important.
Even though a diagnosis was not a demand to participate in this study, all participants were diagnosed with PTSD.
The goal was to interview 5 former deployed soldiers.
Because the nature of this study is exploratory and therefore not representative of the larger population and war veterans can be described as a “hidden population”, were as contact and trust can be difficult as well as being difficult to locate. I therefore in most cases used snowball or chain-referral sampling ...view middle of the document...

This meant 2 subjects were rejected already before contact believing telling their story could be of harm to them or causing severe distress.
Consent and confidentiality, protection of human rights (Appendix A)
I personally ensured the participants of their confidentiality and they received a written letter including procedures, freedom to withdraw from the interview or reject answering questions, and the extent of their anonymity and confidentiality.
With respect to confidentiality, the audiotapes from the interview and the typed interview transcriptions were kept in a code locked dropbox. Audiotapes will be deleted when the study is completed. All identifying information was removed from the copies and participants were given pseudonyms for purposes of written or oral presentation.
Fact sheet (Appendix B)
At the time of the interview, the researcher had the participants provide demographic information: the participant’s age, gender, relationship status, time and location of deployment, initial drug use, drugs used (including steroids), drug of choice and if they had been in treatment.
The first part of the 60-120 minute interview meeting with the participants, gathering demographic information, served to ease into the research topic.
The actual interview were open ended questions which were designed to elicit responses about the participant’s emotions, reflections and experiences about their substance use,...

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