Frodo, The Greatest Little Hobbit Of Them All

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Frodo’s adventure is not one of originality. It follows a cookie-cutter character through its journey to save that which is dear to him. In the case of Frodo he must protect the shire from devastation, and potentially all of Middle-Earth, by throwing the ring back into the fires of Mordor. This quest takes Frodo through a series of plot elements that famous Greek heroes have followed, his mission to rid Middle-Earth of ominous forces.
Frodo’s birth wasn’t particularly odd, as most Greek heroes. He wasn’t parts divine, nor was he blessed in any way. However, at a young age his parents drowned in the Brandywine River, and Frodo joined the ranks of the orphaned heroes. His early ...view middle of the document...

At Rivendell, Frodo is faced with an aged Bilbo and an agreeable party of Hobbits who all suppose their adventure is over, and that after leaving the ring with the elves they will return to the Shire. From all races and lands there is a council to decide what to do with the ring, and there it is Frodo who, through his doubts and instincts, decides it is his duty to throw the accursed thing in to the fires of Mordor.
Seconds after his test of will, Frodo acquires his final and vital party; the helpers. There are Nine, called the Fellowship of the Ring, that accompany Frodo through the lands of Middle-Earth. They are faced with powerful and mystical foes, such as Saruman and the armies of Mordor. The party disintegrates into more story lines, leaving Frodo with his trusted friend Samwise Gamgee as they near the volcano.
The Volcano, the end of Frodo’s epic quest, is the site of Frodo’s supreme ordeal. The hero, standing before the fires and his goal, is finally overwhelmed by the Ring’s influence and backs away. Now completely under its control, he turns to leave as Gollum vaults on to his shoulders to obtain the ring. Gollum is a creature, once a hobbit, created by the ring and represents the initial fate of Frodo had he not been exceptional in his will to destroy the ring. A full battle between the...

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