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Friendship Speech

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Title: Are you a good friend?

A friend in need is a friend indeed is a popular saying and stands for the qualities of being honest, loyal and supportive towards someone you call “your friend” . However, is this the only quality you need to be a good friend ?

Chairman, ladies and gentlemen

What is friendship and how will you define it? No one really knows exactly how to describe friendship but we all know what it is ... Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other.
That is the official description. To me, friendship is the first person you want to call when you hear good news. Or the friend who remembers that you don't like syrup on your peanut butter sandwich. Or the friend who will go with you on the most boring of trips and make it seem fun.
It sounds easy enough to be a good friend, right?
Wrong! You have to work at friendship just ...view middle of the document...

You can be that person. If your friend feels less alone, it'll be easier for them to deal with their troubles.
Good friends make friends feel wanted. This means you are really interested in what they say or do and care about the people they care about. Show them that you like being around them. If say things like “You are an awesome friend,” “It’s not much fun when you are not there,” or “I like hanging out with you, you know?” and mean it, your friend will know they are special to you. Ask your friend for advice or for their opinion. Brag about them even when they aren’t with you. Word will get around. Never say “I told you so” – no matter what they did or didn’t do.
Good friends are dependable. When you say you’ll do something, be a person that sticks to your word. That means being punctual, not going back on your promises, and ensuring that you’re viewed as a reliable friend. If you're not sure you can do something, don't agree to do it and flake out later. Instead, be honest about the fact that you're not sure if you can make it. Your friends should always feel like they can count on you, even when the going gets tough. If you're only there for the fun times, you'll be no more than a fair-weather friend.

Chairman, ladies and gentlemen
Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. A person who has true friends is very lucky because friendships make life a sweet and pleasant experience and it means you are never really alone.
Being a good friend is knowing that someone understands and appreciates you just as you are. It gives a feeling that you are “wanted”, that you are “someone” and not just a faceless person in the crowd. A good friend gives meaning to the lives of his friends.
People don’t just matter if they have something to offer us. They don’t just matter if we stand to get something from the friendship. They don’t just matter if they’re “a good contact to have.”
They just do.
Life is all about relationships, so let’s make an effort every day to make others feel special. After all, a great friendship isn’t built in a day; it’s built day by day.
Are you a good friend?
Thank you.

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