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Friendship Sometimes Ends Essay

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I, Introduction
1, Hook: People build relationships differently in the framework of earning lives within their applications of various associations and communications feasibly available at homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, prisons, military force buildings, clubbing places, resorts, and other public or private places.
2, Thesis statement: Unfortunately, however, there are still apparent causes, which are remarkably concerned, to fail some of these relationships, such as losing individual trustworthiness and confidence, lying, and financial problems.
II, Body
1, Paragraph 2
a, Topic sentence: For the first concerning,losing individual trustworthiness and confidence ...view middle of the document...

Interconnectedness | [in-ter-kuh-‘nek-tid-nis] | The quality or condition of being connected | They show their interactions and interconnectedness accordance with their hearts. |
Accordance(in ~with) | əˈkɔːrdns | according to a rule or the way that somebody says that something should be done | ccording to a rule or the way that somebody says that something should be done |
Feasibly | | | People build relationships in the framework of earning lives within their applications of various associations and communications feasibly available at homes, schools and places. |
Untrustworthiness | ʌn’trʌstwɜːrðinis | that you cannot rely on to be good, honest, sincere, etc. | Losing individual trustworthiness and confidence usually occur as people start to suspect one another aside. |
Untruthful | ʌnˈtruːθfl | saying things that you know are not true | The allegations make her out to be untruthful. |
Fellow | | | |
Supervisor | | | |
Coincidentally | koʊˌɪnsɪˈdentəli |...

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