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Friendship Essay

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Topic: Friendship
I am not from here and therefore I do not have very many friends. First I want to say my best friend and I have been just that since I was a junior in high school and even before that we were always good friends. This week she called me late just to talk to me see how I was. I realized that even though we do not get to see each other very often we never change the way we speak to each other it is as if we are still right next to each other. My roommate and I have been friends since I moved to college and we have had our moments. This week I have come to notice that she depends on me more than I depend on her she constantly comes to me crying about some problem, Which brings me to the person who I have the strongest friendship with here in Grand Junction, Nick. This week I found myself being very depressed because of this ...view middle of the document...

3. I found that I like to think as people as being my friend but in all reality they are acquaintances. I find myself believing that friends should always be there for you as well as you for them.
4. I found that once I have met a new person they are said to be a friend and I do not think of the traits they have to be a friend. Or I find that I can be very judgmental about the type of people I let into my life.
5. I allow people to take on the role of a friend simply when we have a good conversation or hang out for a few hours. I do not think of what it is that distinguishes them from a friend and an acquaintance. I believe in the good heart of people and that they will be kind to me and think of ways to better each other.
1. I believe in the good heartedness of a person, that once I let them into my life as a friend they will show me friendship, I never really think about what it is that makes up a friendship, just that once I have opened myself up to one that it will automatically take on that role.
2. Allows me to have more friendships, I will not look stuck up, I can have more “friends”, it makes it easier to talk to people, always meeting new people
3. I can evaluate people more, people will not take advantage, I can get to know a person better, our friendship can be more based on similarities, I do not get walk on
4. >I believe in the good in people and that if I am right of the bat friends with someone the friendship will come to.
>being mindful of the people I surround myself with not allowing people to walk all over me
>I would have to be more cautious of the people I surround myself with and of the things that they do, I do not want to be around drunks or druggies.
>I would be mindful whenever meeting new people, maybe take a mental note when they say something I do not like or do like, but also not be overly judgmental.
>I intend to not only keep my friends close but try and make better friends and gain life long friendships with people I actually enjoy.

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