Freud Response Paper

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Breanna B
Professor Wallman
HUM 2250
25 February 2014

Freud Response Paper

Freud presented three severe blows that the human narcissism of men have suffered. These three blows being the cosmological, the biological, and the psychological one. Considering these three blows, the fourth blow to the human narcissism is the universological one. The universological one was presented to mankind through the researches of science as well, it is the science of the universe. Using this, researchers have uncovered many answers about the earth and the universe. These answers being when and how the earth came into existence, the beings that existed ...view middle of the document...

This is because mankind would like to believe that they know and have control over everything when they really do not. With the knowledge that we weren’t in existence from the beginning makes it obvious that we will see the end of our existence before the earth does. We are not as superior as we would like to believe, this is scary to man and cripples the self-idolization of our species. Knowing that we will witness our species die off while having no control over it, no way to prevent it is mind boggling to mankind. Mankind has tried to compensate for their lack of knowledge by making up scenarios for “the end.” Some of these scenarios are the zombie apocalypse, extreme plagues that can potentially wipe out our species, and even extreme weather changes. Some of these scenarios are more realistic than others but all have been produced into movies and even TV shows; these films being The Walking Dead (Frank Darabont), Contagion (Steven Soderbergh, 2011), and 2012 (Roland Emmerich, 2009) are a few examples of these productions. These productions can also be seen as ways the mankind is trying to take back control of how “the end” will occur, and even when. However, the lack of control and knowledge of when “the end” will be is the fourth blow to human narcissism, the universological one.

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