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Frequency Regulation By Free Governor Mode Of Operation

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It is necessary for the Power system
operators and regulators to manage ancillary services
efficiently to maintain reliability of the power system.
Frequency regulation is one of the ancillary services to be
supplied by the electricity market participants. The only way
to regulate frequency is to maintain the balance between
demand and supply in real time. In India, it is achieved
through a regulatory approach. In this Paper, an
investigation is made on Free Governor Mode of Operation
to demonstrate Frequency Regulation by adopting Free
Governor Mode of Operation. Simulation is a powerful
technique used to predict the performance ...view middle of the document...

The Governor is an important controller in the power
plant as it regulates the turbine speed, power and
participates in the grid frequency regulation. It is the main
operator interface
a) To start the turbine from still condition,
b) To vary the load on the turbo-generator when it is on
bars (Synchronized) and
c) To protect the turbine from damages in the cases of any
unsafe operating conditions.
The steady state and dynamic response behavior of the
turbine is influenced mainly by the characteristics of the
Governing system.
Need for the Governing System
The load on the turbo-generator does not remain constant
but vary as per the consumer (Grid) demand requirements.
The presence of a perpetual mismatch between the
generation and the demand in a larger network results into
variations in frequency and necessitates a continuous
adjustment of generation at the turbo-generators. If not,
the speed / frequency will be oscillating which is an
indication of poor power quality. A state of unchanging
system frequency and zero acceleration indicates that the
generation meets the system demand.
The governing system provides for this regulation /
adjustment, when the turbo-generator is on bars, by
controlling the steam inflow to the turbine. The regulation
is envisaged by various control logics and by operating
the control valves in the turbine. Stop valves provided in
the governing system protect the turbine in case of unsafe
conditions by blocking the steam flow into the turbine.

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