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French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War
My name is Henry Carter, a British Commander sent to America to defend the colonies from the French. It started in 1754 when both England and France claimed the Ohio River Valley. There had been many battles fought between the French and English settlers. Most of the battles were won by the French because they were more experienced at fighting in the wilderness.
In 1755, I was assigned to General Edward Braddock’s group. His group included 1,750 British regulars and 450 colonial militia. General Braddock believed in the English strategies of fighting a battle by positioning themselves in an open area. We were taught and trained these strategies by ...view middle of the document...

Some soldiers carried flags, while others played music as we marched. That was when the French made a surprise attack on us.
I saw out of the corner of my eye a French soldier who had jumped from the brush and came running at George and me. He fired a shot at George ripping through his coat but missing him. I drew my pistol, which I had already loaded, and fired at the French soldier killing him. I quickly spun around just in time to see an Indian throw a tomahawk and kill one of our soldiers. I pulled my sword and ran it through his chest. I heard a bullet whiz by my head causing me to duck and lose my balance, falling off my horse. I crawled to some brush and reloaded my pistol. The sounds of gunfire rang out from all around me as both sides were furiously fighting one another. I looked over just in time to see General Braddock’s horse get shot out from under him. An Indian was running up to Braddock with a club ready to hit him. I fired my pistol once again killing the Indian before he could reach General Braddock.
Braddock jumped up onto another horse drawing his sword as he rode away from me. I grabbed a rifle from a dead soldier and jumped back on Doug following Braddock. By the time I caught up to him, he had already had his horse shot from under him again, but somehow the General was still alive. I fired my rifle killing a French soldier who was taking aim at Braddock and then jumped off my horse and killing another French soldier with my bayonette. I then ducked behind a tree to reload my weapons when I heard George yelling my name. He told me that we needed to go. George was riding Doug and had me get on behind him as he led a retreat to safety.
When we got to safety, we all began talking and learned the extent of our losses. Most of the British regulars had been wiped out. General Braddock had 4 horses shot out from under him before he was killed. It was then that we realized that more of our bullets had hit trees than the French or Indians. George told me that he had 2 horses shot out from under him and his coat had 4 bullet holes in it, but he was not wounded. Looking back, our red uniforms made us easy to spot in the forest.
The loss at Fort Duquesne was hard to accept, but we learned a lot over the next few years. We began to win more and more battles. A man by the name of William Pitt became the leader of the English government. He was determined to win the war. He gave us more troops, younger and better commanders, and more guns and ammunition.
By the summer of 1759, I had been assigned to serve under the command of General James Wolfe. In September of that year, we were given orders to attack Quebec. Quebec was located on a...

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