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Freedom Writers Film Application Paper

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A large problem facing Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers (2007) was although an integrated school system was considered a good thing at this point in history, the integraton created some issues. Society was not looking at the individuals in each school and examining how this sudden integration of different cultures would affect those involved. By suddenly uprooting so many students and drastically changing their environment, many teens were effectd in an adverse manner and had no desire to participate in school or continue their education. Erin Gruwell became the sole pathfinder practitioner for these troubled teens (Brown, 2011, p. 91). She challenged authority within the school system ...view middle of the document...

Students know when don’t have faith in them or care enough to give the opportunity to prove themselves. If teachers don’t place faith in students they have little faith in themselves, the desire to succeed is diminished.

Another problem facing Erin Gruwell is how to reach her students. If the students can not relate to the material in any way it becomes hard to understand or learn. These students are fighting to simply make it to school so they don’t see the point in studying grammar or punctuation nor do they seen any value added to their life. Once Erin Gruwell helps these students understand that they all have an individual story she can reach them better. By collecting data in the form of student journals Erin Gruwell also creates trust (Brown, 2011, p. 119). Despite their differences in race many of them are fighting the same battles of poverty, gangs and loss of loved ones. As students start to see their commonalities they are more willing to accept one another and begin to learn. As Erin Gruwell shows them their common battles she also is able to reach them, unite them and give them a voice when the feel like no one cares.

There are many causes for the gang wars, lack of learning and disheartened student population. These teens had grown up surrounded by violence so it was affecting their development and they were continuing the cycle of violence. Since they were seeing violence at home and there was little punishment at school they continue to resort to violence as an answer to their problems. The short term affect was student drop outs, failing grades and low attendance. The long term affects of violent surroundings is continued violence, low income, low education, high jail sentences and little room for personal growth and opportunities to further a solid family or career.

By causing the student to integrate it created longer bus rides and less time to study. The students did not understand why they had to integrate or be bussed across the city. This long commute only caused more resentment between the students and school administrators. The students resented the administration and the administration did not...

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