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Freedom Writers Essay

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Sharon Yun
“Freedom Writers” Movie Review

Let me just start off by saying this movie, out of the countless movies I have seen, is the first one to almost give me happy tears. Director Richard La Gravenese is one of my favorite directors (“Water for Elephants”2011). “Freedom Writers” made me love him more. I am not a fan of long movies and I was shocked when after, I found out that the movie was over two hours. Many drama movies are slow paced and boring but I think “Freedom Writers” a movie of this genre is the first one where I never zoned out through the whole movie. This heartwarming story of a young teacher who made a great change in many students’ lives is absolutely worth your time ...view middle of the document...

The students have never gone on a field trip in their life. At the museum, the students learn about the Holocaust, how it affected the Jews, what it was like, and so on. Later, the students have dinner at a fancy hotel with Holocaust survivors. Which was all planed and paid by Ms. Gruwell. Her students are moved and they go through an amazing change that no one would ever thought they would be able to go through.
Something I found interesting about this movie was that it had rotating narrators. I liked this because it got you to know more about some of the characters and their personality from how they narrated the events that took place in the movie. It was also interesting because you got an adult’s point of view (Ms. Gruwell) and also students’ point of view (Eva, Jason, Hunter). I also noticed that the movie focused a lot on the characters. Each character had a story. Eva's father went to jail because of racism even though he didn't shoot anyone, Jason's mother left him because of his gang life, and Mario's brother is in jail. I also liked how a lot of the background music was Will.I.Am (rapper from Black Eyed Peas). He is one of my favorite rappers. This movie open my eyes to a different world. I was not very familiar with gang life before I saw this movie and I did not know that it was such a huge problem. It made me realize how thankful I should be to be where I am and all this education that I have access to. 
Some of the important themes explored in...

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