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Freedom Of The Press Essay

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Since the establishment of the freedom of the press many positive influences has taken place in our society today. Policies and rules have come from the media shedding light on issues of sexual harassment in the work place and equal opportunities. However, today the media has also taken advantage of the freedom of press amendment and gone beyond its intended usage of protecting the publishing of useful information without repercussion. The effects of the consistence repeat of highly sensitive reports being broadcast has effected how people interact among each other, how people resolve conflict, and racism within the work place. Therefore, my thesis for this paper is that the recent trend ...view middle of the document...

in order to obtain the highest rating. In short, the O.J. Simpson’s trial basically took place in the media and the whole world was the juror. Due to the mass media coverage and opinions, the trial caused racial tension that carried over to the work place. For instance, in my place of employee you could cut the tension with a knife and today no really talks about the trial. In addition, many media channels were very insensitive to the victims’ family by showing the bloody murder site and recreating the murder possibilities over and over again. Unfortunately, today the insensitivity to any murder victims’ family from the media world is more common. For instance, the 2013 case of Travon Martin is another incident that flooded the air waves, television and social media months. This trial also took over conversations in many break rooms around the world and caused race issues that took the focus off the murder case. The media has feed into the stereotyping of different groups and because Americans has become lazy to think for themselves they rely more on the truth coming from social media.
Second, “the media affects the way we act and think. It has a profound influence on the behavior of its audience” (Influences Guide, 2014). For instance, the number of shootings within the work place has also increased and has been highly publicize within the media. In my opinion the over exposure of these shooting has increased the use of violence in the work place as a means of conflict resolution. These incidents also have people in the work place afraid to confront co-workers or management with conflict in the work place because of the possibility of violence repercussions. I also believe this is reason personnel that may be suffering from mental illness do not get the help they need because of people fear of getting involved. On the other hand, anytime an incident like this occurs the media will obtain the company surveillance video of the shooting and it will be broadcasted on every network, if anyone gets kill they go as far to describe the position of the body, etc. This becomes the top of conversation at the water cooler. Therefore, in my opinion this is another spark the motivation some individuals...

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