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Freedom From The Known Essay

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July 22, 2011
Quote Paper
In Freedom from the Known, J. Krishnamurti states, “The primary cause of disorder in ourselves is the seeking of a reality promised by another.” This quote is mostly meant for someone who was lead onto the wrong path causing disorder, or “to the disturb the order,” in that person (def 1). I can relate to this quote in many ways. One way I relate to this quote is through relations with others, and the second is through the expectations from others. Both involve another person, or party, causing the disorder in myself or anyone who is misguided.
The first time I read the quote I did not quite grasp what it was saying to me until the professor explained ...view middle of the document...

Instead of my friends’ advice working, it instead backfired on me and caused more disorder in my life which I did not need. For example, she would always put her problems before mine and always want everything her way, which was not how relationships work. Thus leading me to the conclusion that this reality of being happy from relationships does exist, but to avoid the disorder we must wait and make the right choice with the right person and the disorder will become order.
Every kid who has had parents who try to influence their lives has encountered the idea behind quote. Parents are the ones who guide us down a path they think is best for us. They tell us to go to school, study, and be good students, and that we will be successful in the future. This is true that education does help, but there are those who are artistic or more hands on and want to start their own business. Some parents will interfere and tell their child that if they do not get a degree or education in a different field they will get nowhere in life. The child, believing their authority figure, goes to college and majors in something they have no interest in but will lead to a promising future. This is the parent “promising a reality” and the child “seeking it”. One reason this will cause disorder is because the person has no interest in that subject matter at all. They will not be as motivated to excel in that field and maybe even fail out of their classes. This is not the way things should be done because the child ought not to try and force this future upon them because it can lead them down a path that is hard to recover from. This can cause a great deal of disorder to the person and the reality that they live in. They must reevaluate their life and...

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