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Internet Security

   Internet insecurity is a sufficient cause of distrust in the medium. A lack of faith in it as a viable marketplace due to this insecurity stems from three reasons. People are skeptical due to the already publicized cases of security breeches. Whether in movies, television, or magazines, many have recently become very aware of the possible danger that they face. Users and non-users may also fear that the Internet could have a "big brother" effect. With the abundance of information on the Internet, some feel that it has too much control, and that users sacrifice their privacy. Finally, the fact that the amount of protection is limited is another problem. One cannot ...view middle of the document...

(Kornblum 1) The worst part of this breech of security is it required no exceptional Internet knowledge at all. Only luck. The problem unfortunately, has not been blamed on the sites or the software used, but on the Web servers. This is stated plainly by OpenSite CEO Michael Brader-Araje in saying that, "This is the consequence of an inexperienced Web server administrator. The bottom line is we don't have control over what customers do with their Web servers" (Kornblum 1)


Problems such as these are already generating a low sense of confidence in its users. People can't feel safe when not only do they need to worry about the sites protecting their information, but the servers they use as well. Few analysts and optimists may somewhat "write-off" incidents such as these as being part of the evolutionary process of the market. Many share the opinion of Victor Wheatman who says, "This is part of the immaturity of the Internet as an electronic commerce platform." (Kornblum 2) However, now the question is whether or not the public will be willing to stick with the Internet through to its maturity. If the price to be paid for helping the Internet grow is personal violation and danger, the answer may sadly be, no.


As stated many times earlier, the Internet is filled with personal information about everyone. Anything from a person's purchase practices to favorite web sites all fly through the phone lines daily with the possibility and probability of being monitored. Many grocery stores that provide promotional discount cards monitor what a customer buys every time that they use it. Information on all of us is in databases everywhere that communicate over the phone-lines. The possibilities can be frightening. When "big-brother" can keep a record of everything that a person does there is a room for corruption. Many private activities can be made public.


It doesn't seem that the general public is in fear of martial law growing from the Internet, but there are minor invasions of privacy that arouse concern. Many feel there is just no need to know certain things about their lives. Web merchants personalize their marketing with the information that users give to them daily. The stream of Social Security numbers, favorite music, and favorite restaurants help the merchants but may be more information than some would like to give. Some of these merchants may also collect the information and sell it. This is the same as with Supermarket scan cards. These cards can monitor what people buy and where. They may be convenient but they "put a market price on privacy." (Fisher 1)


Possible invasions or monitoring have some people terrified. Leaving chaos theories aside, the basic lack of privacy arouses skepticism. Monitoring people's activities violates an inalienable right to privacy. The Internet and modem technology will be the breakthrough communication to make this idea work. If people do not feel secure, whether on the...

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