Frankenstein Vs. The Metamorphosis Essay

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In Mary Shelly’s epistolary Frankenstein and Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis,” the authors explore the dangerous impact of society and rejection. Both creatures are rejected and isolated by their families have been defined as monsters. But, the authors force the reader to look past physical appearance to uncover who the real monster is, society; it defines what make us human. Society defines others solely based on what they see, disregarding any humane characteristics they may possess.
To fully understand how society impacts the creatures in each story the reader must look at their actions before they were defined as monsters. Frankenstein’s creature wanted affection, love ...view middle of the document...

In seeing the affects of society on the creatures in the stories, one must also consider how they behaved after they were labeled. The creature in Frankenstein was good-natured until those he held dear to him, such as the family in the woods and Victor, repeatedly rejected him. Any being that is not shown love and affection at a young age is more likely to be deviant and violent, which is how the creature begins to act when he is rebuffed. Society made him out to be a monster and that is when he began his monstrous habits, taking his revenge against Victor and killing those who Victor loved. Likewise, Gregor is physically transformed into a bug, losing his human capabilities to provide for his family. His worth was determined by how much he provided for them. After his transformation, he is no longer wanted or needed by his family and he becomes more of a burden. Grete is the only one willing to look past his insect body and she sees her brother, the human being, not a grotesque insect. But, once Gregor loses his ability to communicate and function like an ideal human, not...

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