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Frankenstein Or Creature More Deserving Of Sympathy

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From what you have read so far, which of the two characters of the creature or Frankenstein is most deserving of sympathy from the reader?
The novel, Frankenstein, was written by Shelley and was first published in 1818. It was published at a time of scientific advancement when there were worries about how far science would go as new things were discovered. Shelley explores the theme of the gothic genre and focuses on the evil within and she develops the characters of Frankenstein and the creature by portraying them sympathetically through a variety of narrative techniques.
Frankenstein’s narration of the novel immediately puts the reader into his limited mind-set; therefore the reader is ...view middle of the document...

’ This shows the reader that Frankenstein wants to play God but later, he does not want to deal with the consequences of his creation. This can be shown when Frankenstein later says ‘now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.’ Frankenstein has finished creating the creature and he has given the creature life, however, he is now horrified by his creation. Frankenstein has attempted to become God but as a creator, he has now rejected his creature and does not want it in his life. The reader can see that Frankenstein was simply trying to advance the medical and scientific fields, however he did not think about the outcomes before he went through with creating the creature. Frankenstein created the creature with no thought about the creature's own needs because he was too ambitious and wanted to gain in his profession.  
The creature is presented by Shelley to the reader as a victim of his environment and creation. The creature has a horrific appearance and he calls himself a ‘miserable deformity’ in a society where a person is judged upon their appearance, any normal person would obviously be afraid of the creature and run away. The creature was brought in a world that was not accepting of him. Shelley makes the reader sympathise with the monster when she writes ‘the whole village...

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