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"Frankenstein" By Mary Shelly Essay

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As a harmonious melody and astonishing combination of love and vengeance, obsession with death and creation of life, uncertain boundary of monster and humanity, and the alternation of sympathetic horrors, the novel "Frankenstein" of Mary Shelly, which is a catastrophe, tragedy and romantic fiction, exposes clearly the profound meaning of the clash of benevolence and hideous evil in human souls, thoughts and behaviors. In the early production of imagination, Mary Shelly created successfully the suffering, desperate sorrow, solitude and the intense aspiration to be accepted by human and integrate into society of a monster with a physical grotesqueness.The monster is a successful reanimation of ...view middle of the document...

With all the described inmost feelings, sensitive emotions and actions of humanity, the monster is not just a being with evil appearance; it is, however, more human than some people, especially his unfeeling and selfish creator.The moment that the monster encountered face to face with his creator and retold his story with a narrative voice was one of the most remarkable scenes of the novel. The monster's eloquent and sensitive narration of the past events reveals himself as an educational and emotional human being. Before, he was an animal guided only by his natural needs and wants, but now, he impresses the reader and Victor by his surprising erudition and intellect. The eloquence and sensitivity of the monster are the important keys that open the door and guide Victor to his miserable world, which causes by Victor's relentless abandoning and contempt. In addition to exposing his feelings and aspirations, the monster uses his delicate flowing words in which the inside human with intellectual knowledge is shown deeply. The distance between monster and humanity seems is hard to be recognized and distinguished. The benevolence and kindness inside of a monster and the evil souls inside of human, particularly in Victor, clash and alternate intensely. Yet, the eloquence of the monster is demonstrated by his knowledge absorbed from all the books that he read "Remember, that I am thy creature, I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angle" he says. By comparing Victor to God, the monster blamed all the responsibilities of his malevolence and crimes on his selfish creator. For Victor and the readers, after stepping in his miserable world, they recognize the sensitivity and internal humanity of the monster and sympathize with his meaningless and loneliness life more easily." Half surprised by the novelty of...

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