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Frankenstein And Blade Runner Essay

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An author’s contextual ideas and values may, to a certain extent, be shaped in a text to convey a representation of how future events may evolve in relation to society’s current conventions. Through the changing contexts and values of the core texts, one may communicate the dangers associated with humankind obtaining and valuing an excessive acquisition of power and knowledge through science and technology which consequently result in a distorted view of humanity and a damaged natural environment. Similarly, the religious allusions and assumptions used in the texts can convey the potential misuse of science and knowledge and desire to create or usurp the role of god. Through a comparison of ...view middle of the document...

Frankenstein is a scientist preoccupied with obtaining a metaphysical ambition and was not satisfied with simply studying philosophy. This is supported as he states, “It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; … my enquiries were directed to the metaphysical.” Victor becomes infatuated with the idea that he could obtain knowledge about concepts that would enable him to surpass human boundaries and the limits instilled by his society. By dedicated two years to him obsession, he lost him humanity as he neglected himself from love, his relationships with others and ‘deprived himself of rest and health’. As Victor states that he would “gladly sacrifice (his) fortune, (his) existence, and (his) every hope to the furtherance of (his) enterprise” it shows that he was fixed on his ‘enterprise’ and would not stop until he constructed a living being. This idea of excessive knowledge can be depicted in Shelley’s own society as an interpretation of her age’s scientific ideologies and her ‘warning’ to humanity and the reader to not abuse the power and knowledge they obtain.
Similarly, in Ridley Scott’s film, Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut, it represents a futuristic world constructed as a result on humankind’s abuse of power, science and technology. Due to humankind’s excessive exploitation of technology when creating ‘replicants’ that are ‘more human than human’, the value of humanity and the ‘natural order’ of the world has diminished Scott addresses the concept of a double irony because as humans become more technologically advanced, the less human we become. This is represented in the people of ultramodern Los Angeles as they are deformed and disfigured with limited emotions and relationships with each other.
An altered view of the ‘natural world’ is conveyed through Blade Runner’s context, as the metaphysical and Romantic urge has been lost and replaced with an ‘artificial world’. This can be seen through the parallel of Frankenstein’s monster and Roy, both whom are not naturally, by their contextual societies, considered to be human. The monster, even when constructed by Frankenstein with all ‘features (chosen) as beautiful’; when ‘the dull yellow eye of the creature opened’, he was seen as an ugly, ‘demoniacal corpse’. The monster was constructed using human pieces but is still considered to be imperfect due to his outside appearance. This opens us, as responders, to question what is it to be human because in contrast, Roy was created as a perfect being and perceived to be human because of his outside appearance. On the other hand, Deckard considers replicants to be inhuman as ‘replicants are like any other machine – they’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit it’s not my problem.’ Roy has limited lifespan making him less human and created through a flawed perception of perfection similar to Frankenstein’s monster. This is ironic because Roy and the other replicants are portrayed as ‘more human’ and humane...

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