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Frank Mccourt And The Value Of Misery

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In life people learn from their mistakes and sometimes, like Frank McCourt, from hard times that, while painful, can be of the greatest benefit from among their experiences. It shapes them into the people they are and brands them, leading them to be high achievers in life. Moreover, their achievements are more remarkable than those whose childhood were happy; they were marked by adversity and their drive to overcome and exceed expectations. A good life was not handed to them, but rather earned.

Frank McCourt in Angela's Ashes described the hard times and pain in his life, pain that no person should have had to endure. After losing his baby sister Margaret and twin brothers Eugene and ...view middle of the document...

His mother then gave him some wise words when she said,
You are to never let anyone slam the door in your face again. Do you hear me?

From that point on in McCourt's life, he never forgot those words. It was through this he had come to realize that the one thing being offered him as being an aid and a solace, his religion, that which had rejected him not once, but twice, had no real intent in its mission to help the poor like him and he was on his own.

When McCourt helped Mr. Hannon with the coal deliveries, he gained a sense of pride in the work and his adult responsibilities,
I tell the horse again, G'up ower that, to make sure everyone heard, to make sure they know I'm driving that float and no one else, to make sure they'll never forget it was me they saw on the float with reins and the whip. It's the best day of my life, better then my First Communion day, which Grandma ruined, better then my Conformation, the day when I had the typhoid.

Being seen as capable of such hard work, McCourt knows that he will be looked at as more than just a child now. He desires to have everyone watching him as he drives the wagon because he wants everyone to know what he has become and where he has managed to do at such a young age. And again, later, after he gets paid for the first time with his first official job as a telegram delivery boy he says,
I want to wave my pound note at the world so they'll say, there he goes, Frankie McCourt the workingman with a pound in his pocket.

After fourteen years of living his life, he is able to get that satisfying feeling, the feeling of being a man. McCourt works hard but, at the age of nineteen, seeing no real future, decides to move to America . Although the way he achieved it might not have been the fairest way, considering he stole money - from a loan shark – to pay his passage. This all contributes to explain how Frank McCourt decided to live his...

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