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France Footprint Essay

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A carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. My carbon footprint is 82% of comparable households. I am the same as an average U.S. household also. It however is 407% of the global average.
My footprint is most dependant on shopping. I am higher on average shopping than both the similar the average US household and US household. My transportation brings down the average though because I don’t really fly in a plane. I might fly once every two years so my transportation emissions are down.
Two things that I can change to reduce my carbon efficiency are changing my diet and purchase green electricity. Changing my ...view middle of the document...

This footprint is dependent on my college residence life and not my home with my parents, or else the footprint would be much more detrimental. Thus, my shopping, transportation and housing are much lower due to being on my own financial support at school and taking the bus or walking versus driving.
A few ways I could decrease my footprint even more would be to use traditional methods of washing clothes and using a clothesline versus a washer and dryer. Another way would be to change my diet and go organic. I already am a pseudo vegetarian so that takes away the red meat and it is nearly impossible to grow food when you are living at school, unless you are living off-campus (which I am not). What it suggests I do as well is take public transportation and carpool, which I already do on a daily basis, that or walk and get healthy exercise.
Unfortunately, living in an apartment has its downside when it comes to electricity, it is part of the housing cost but you cannot choose what kind of electricity the apartments are going to use. The apartment complexes on campus would benefit much from switching over to green electricity and help reduce the carbon footprint of everyone living in them. So I do not have a choice in that particular matter. Also, the apartments come with a fridge already and it is not an Energy Star fridge which would also help energy costs and lowering the carbon footprints.

Individual Carbon Footprint
A carbon footprint is a unit of measurement for the total amount of CO2 within specific places and includes greenhouse gases that are created by fossil fuel transportation vehicles. It measures the square footage of a certain area and the nature of those gasses that are emitted. Also the goods and services that are provided and how those goods and services stand towards their outcome, which is the emission of these dangerous and unhealthy gases. My carbon footprint it is very much equally to the similar U.S. household in the transportation area which is 17.1 metric tons of CO2/yr. That is the average use of a similar U.S household but compared to an average U.S household is higher. The total Carbon Footprint in my household stands very close to the similar U.S household but it is lower to the average U.S household. It is equally 48 metric tons CO2/yr. with the similar U.S household but 1 less metric ton to the average U.S Household. Comparing it to the worldwide household average it is very high. It is 38 metric tons above the world average household and I there should definitely be improvement and action taken very soon.
The factor in which my footprint is mostly dependent is the car fuel. We have four cars in my household and they are driven almost every day of our lives by each member of the family. We are very dependent on personal transportation and that is because everyone is engaged outside the family more. That would be school, work and also outside activities that require a good amount of driving. The choices that I...

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