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Four Seasons Essay

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Case 1 : Four Seasons in Paris 1. What has made Four Seasons successful over the last 30 years? Several reasons have made Four Seasons (FS) successful: - The guarantee for the guests to receive a high-quality and consistently exceptional personal service is part of FS’s distinguishing edge. One of the most important elements of this success is the ability of employees to provide customers with an intelligent truly personalized service and to anticipate the guests’ needs. - FS has defined worldwide core operating standards. The respect of those standards is the guarantee that, all over the world, in any FS hotel, customers will be offered the highest quality. Furthermore, these standards help ...view middle of the document...

The employees should be able to adapt their behavior to guests from all over the world. The FS recruitment process is very strict: every candidate is interviewed four times, the last interview being with the general manager. In the selection process, FS looks for ‘people’ persons, who are welcoming, put others at ease, want to please guests, and are professional, sincere, friendly and open-minded. Human resources management at FS relies on “the golden rule”, which stipulates that one should treat others as one would wish to be treated. This golden rule is the key to the success of the firm. FS treats its employees with dignity and respect, which does not happen in all organizational cultures. FS really puts this rule into practice; it is not only something on paper.

As a consequence, employees are fully committed to the company. FS was selected in Fortune’s listing of the top 100 best companies to work for in North America and the turnover is half that of the hospitality industry average. Both corporate and field managers often refer to the firm as a family, with rules, traditions and values.

3. How do you feel about the way Four Seasons entered the Paris/French market? What was good and/or bad about the entry strategy? Why? Four Seasons entered the Paris/French market by acquiring the very prestigious Palace George V. The main reason why FS decided not to build a new hotel is that it was extremely difficult to obtain planning permission in Paris. Positively, the acquisition of...

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