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Four P's Of Marketing Essay

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Marketing paper 04/10/2015 |
4 P’s of Marketing |
The Honest Company |
DeAnna Horton |
4/10/2015 |


While watching television to find a commercial for this assignment, one jumped out at me, caught my attention, and held it, even remaining in my head for some time after watching the advertisement. The product was for baby diapers made by The Honest Company. These diapers are eco-friendly by being plant based; free of lotions, free of fragrance by using citrus and chlorophyll, and latex. They do not use chlorine processing or harsh chemical bleaches in the creation of these diapers. The absorbent core comes from certified sustainable ...view middle of the document...

While the children are dancing, stretching, and laughing, messages are appearing about no lotions, no latex, no fragrance, and eco-friendliness. The children are in various positions, upright, bent over, climbing, and stretching demonstrating these diapers continue to do their job no matter what antics the child is up to. It also shows some of the many patterns available for the diaper for those fashion conscious parents.
The purpose of this commercial is to inform parents there is an alternative to current popular disposable diapers or cloth, which does the job and is good for the environment as well as not using the same chemicals and processing as the popular brands. The commercial also is a reminder to those who many have seen the product, taken advantage of the free trial for new customers, and didn’t sign up for the email marketing or monthly program.
The product is marketed via the television commercial, parenting magazines, and the computer. The company has an interactive website, as well as a live chat where questions can be asked without a heavy sell by the customer service representative. They also have a presence on FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
The product is available via internet purchase and at various retailers, such as Target, Nordstrom, buybuyBaby, Teenie Greenie, and Whole Foods Market. These retailers demonstrate the company has chosen to sell their products in one discount retail store chain, one department store chain, one grocery chain, and several specialty stores that concentrate on green or children’s products.
Concerning price, the product is more costly when purchased in a brick and mortar store. The difference in price is anywhere...

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