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Four Funtions Of Managment Essay

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Four Functions of Management Paper
Thomas Jennings
MGT / 230
March 12, 2012
Margaret Terrasi

Four Functions of Management Paper

To make a company truly successful creativity and monetary wise it realize on management who also makes sure that rules and regulations are enforced. If you have management that is not a team player it could affect the output of employees that are under him/ her. Mangers are there to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and that they are being part of something bigger then themselves. This comes from team cohesion exercise to planning team events for the office so others can interact without being in the confines of the work place. A true manager ...view middle of the document...

Managers what to lead by example and have others respect their position and any judgments. Controlling is a must have ability to control any situation that may arise ranging from employees to clients. (Merriam - Website, 2012) Letting your peers know that you can handle any situation the poses a threat is important this instills confidence and loyalty form those around a manger.
As the Director of marketing for my company it’s important that I always stay professional and that I make my peers for comfortable. I use all of the four factors discussed on a daily bases. I plan on what goals my telemarketing and sales team will hit by the end of the day and week. This is important because it gives your employees a goal to strive for and nobody has any worries on what exactly they are supposed to be doing. I am big on organizing and the more your organize the easier it is to find things and to track down what went wrong in any given process if there is an error. I always make sure that everything is labeled and things if emails are sent out the supervisors get CC and then and a phone must be followed up at the end of the day. Daily and weekly reports are turned in and daily, weekly, and monthly meetings are conducted. This organized structure is to make sure that we are all informed and nobody is left out of the loop. I believe in order to have a good team you must have a good leader but not just anyone can lead. I have strong supervisors who are strong in decision making and stand by decision but are willing to listen to others and be fair. However, your staff emulate who ever sets the standard...

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