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Foundations Paper

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Foundations of the Human Development in the Social Environment

The bio-psycho-social dimensions of human behavior are made up of biological physiological and social factors that explain human behavior. The biological dimensions that can be determined by behavior are genetics, and heredity. Genetics is mostly determined by DNA. Intelligence is determined by genes. Another aspect of bio- psycho-social dimensions is social aspect. We must consider the influence that family and culture has on human behavior. The bio-psychosocial model is quite useful in understanding behavior because it explains some of the things that human beings cannot control and some of the things that they ...view middle of the document...

Social workers who are trained in culture competence care can connect individuals to a range of social services. An example would be social workers who help adoptive parents understand their child’s culture, heritage, and ways to keep their child’s culture in their lives. Social workers who are culturally competent are also better at addressing gender issues, disabilities, older adults, and those who have other sexual preferences.
General systems theory is similar to business and industry in the way it is organized. In businesses Inputs are processed by the organizational system that turns out a product of output. Social services work the same way. Social services take resources (inputs) and provide a process or a procedure to provide services to produce an output (service). Systems theory can help social workers understand how systems determine and are determined by those who make up the system. Once they understand the system social workers they find the best way to create a positive change in that system to create a better standard of living. Mental health professionals use the systems theory to understand how individuals are both products of their personal situations, and how to...

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