Foster Care Essay

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Denise Perez
Professor Melinda Zepeda
English 1301
April 5, 2010
Children going into foster care? I think not.
Foster care refers to the care for children who are involuntarily removed from their biological parents due to dysfunctional situations such as being abused, neglected, or abandoned. They are then placed in the state's custody and reside with stand-in parents also known as foster parents. The main goal for the foster care system is reunification with their biological parents. However, these children should not be reunified with their biological parents. If their parents did it once, what makes you think that they won’t do it again? These children should rather be ...view middle of the document...

On June 25, 2006 the department of Family and Child Protective Services received a referral alleging the physical neglect of Jose Salgado and Guadalupe Salgado by their biological mother, Ms. Katherine Salgado. The report stated that Ms. Katherine Salgado had been using crack cocaine. The report alleged that Ms. Salgado did not pay attention to Jose and that she would hit him because he got on her nerves. The reporter also stated that Jose ran across the street with fear of going back home. When the investigator went out to the home Jose had minor bruises and Ms. Salgado stated that it was due to him falling on some bricks outside. Once the investigator finished examining Jose, she attempted to drug test Ms. Salgado. Ms. Salgado refused then admitted she had snorted crack cocaine one week prior. Ms. Salgado agreed to have her mother, Ms. Patricia Vega, in custody of her children and was referred to rehabilitation services to address her substance abuse. Ms. Salgado only attended three sessions; therefore she was dropped from the program on August 02, 2006.
On September 25, 2006, Ms. Vega called her daughter’s case worker to report that she had found Ms. Salgado sleeping out in the street, and that she believed she was using crack cocaine again. The case worker immediately visited Ms. Salgado’s home to get her to take a drug test, but Ms. Salgado refused. She then admitted for the second time that she had been using crack cocaine several days before. A few days later, CPS attempted to contact Ms. Salgado, but could not locate her. Ms. Vega claimed that she did not know the whereabouts of Ms. Salgado. Two weeks later Ms. Salgado was found at a hotel near downtown and was informed that she needed to appear at the courthouse at 1:00 pm the next day.
Due to Ms. Salgado’s non-compliance with court orders Jose and Guadalupe Salgado had been placed in foster care.
Jose and Guadalupe Salgado had...

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