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Fortune 500 Mission Statement Essay

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Searching through fortune 500 list of businesses I have chosen my course assignment to include: J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. I am familiar with this corporation on an individual personal level and business advocate. J.P. Morgan Chase has a history of over 200 years, labeled as one of the oldest financial Institutions in the US. They are located in 60 countries with over 200,000 employees. They are a huge leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small businesses and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity. Their stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co mission statement states: At JPMorgan Chase, we believe that being profitable and doing good works for the people and ...view middle of the document...

We are committed to managing our businesses to create value for our consumer and corporate clients as well as our shareholders, communities and employees and to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility extends to every facet of our business – in both good economic times and bad. We are proactively assisting customers and clients as well as supporting efforts to achieve financial market stability throughout these unprecedented economic times. As we look to the future, we remain committed to doing business in a responsible way, to being responsible stewards of shareholder capital and to being a good corporate partner to our communities across the globe.
I believe J.P. Morgan Chase’s mission statement to be an empowering, responsible corporation. It isn’t in bold, however the corporation speaks or it’s self in so many ways. In the past year while the economy has been striving to stay alive in the most severe crisis of our time, J.P. Morgan Chase has helped their customers and communities around the world. By providing banking services to many individuals and small businesses, which are engines of economic growth and development we all need during these times of crisis. Many companies say they strive to help, but I have found their words are not meant what is written on paper.
During the huge crisis in 2010, J.P. Morgan Chase was there for many providing credit while raising $1.6 trillion in capitol, giving small business owners a chance to build their future with the help of over 10 billion in small business loans. They also provided $9.1 billion to help schools, government, health care institutions, higher education and non-profit organizations. This company shows a wealth of structured control within their organization.

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