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Best Work Places
MGT415: Group Behavior In Organizations

Best Work Places
With millions of existing companies, and over half a million new businesses attempting to start and develop every year (SBA, 2012), it is no small feat to be recognized in Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the 100 best workplaces for employees. Since 1998, Fortune Magazine has compiled this list of exceptional companies by taking into consideration employer and employee relations, workplace environments and employee satisfaction. This year’s top spot belonged to Google, with Wegman’s Food Market coming in at the number 5 spot, and Dreamworks Animation just missing the top ten with a spot at number 12 (Fortune, ...view middle of the document...

Even with the cost of a college degree and potential lengthy work days, the rewards outweigh these “costs of group membership” and serve as great motivation for employees, which ultimately leads to employee satisfaction and long term retention (Losh, 2012).
At Google, employees will work on tons of projects with different groups of Googlers, across many teams and time zones. As stated on its website (2013), Google with implant some of the interviewers directly into the different teams to evaluate and engage new members in tasks. It not only gives the new member a sense of what working for Google is really like, but also allows the interviewers to see how the employee might collaborate and fit into the work environment. This ensures that there is team cohesiveness and unity within the group. According to Losh (2012), the most effective teams come from collective behaviors that members must master and display in order for the team to operate effectively and mentions that “on-site team member training with the intact group is typically the most effective”. Google has definitely hit the mark with group cohesion.
Rounding out the top 5, Wegman’s Food Market, Inc, is an east coast, family run business of supermarkets that has spent every year on the Fortune Magazine best place to work list since the list started in 1998 (Hess, 2011). A grocery store chain with over forty thousand employees, Wegman’s makes it a mission to be an exemplorary employer to each one of those employees. Employee motivation is an integral part in making sure that each and every employee is well cared for, happy and given extensive avenues for advancement and growth. Wegmans' employees enjoy flexible schedules, a family friendly approach that offers what might be considered unusual benefits such as adoption assistance, and broad career track opportunities (Wegmans, 2013). Employees are also eligible for the company’s very generous scholarship program, which to date, has distributed over eighty million dollars in educational assistance to more than twenty five thousand employees.
Group cohesion is a foundation for this successful business, as can be seen in their company philosophy: “At Wegmans, we believe that good people, working toward a common goal, can accomplish anything they set out to do” (Wegmans, 2013). There are many possible positive outcomes of high group cohesion. According to Hess (2012), group members definitely have higher satisfaction in cohesive groups and choose to remain in cohesive groups longer when the choice is available. With satisfied employees and higher retention rates, the positive cohesion within the company directly is reflected in the superior customer service and dedicated shoppers the company has obtained through the years (Hess, 2011).
Finally, Dreamworks Animation makes the 100 best workplace list at number twelve. A significantly smaller company, with just over two thousand employees, this company has much to boast about...

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