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Fort Essay

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Most Americans know that fuel prices will rise again and want to insulate themselves from that risk as much as possible. American consumers have been trading in their gas-guzzling trucks and full-sized cars for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles — or, at least that’s the conventional wisdom. In fact, while the small car segment of the market has gained some momentum, though, U.S. motorists have remained stubbornly ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, concentrating on building smaller and more efficent cars has been the wave of the future for some time now, but it has been a hard transfer due to the fact that buyers still need a bigger cars for larges families or just to have a large car in case they need it. With gas prices groing all the time and the economic hardship that has hit everyone, people are reconsedering buying smallers cars to save on gas. You can never really get rid of large trucks or SUV’s, because someone is allways going to buy one. Most people have come to the rationatily that we can deal with smaller SUV’s or crossover that get getter gas mileage or even Hybrids SUV’s are a good choice, but expencive. Ford Motor reallly should concentrate more of theis energy on alternative gas cars as well. We need to revamp the production lines and start producing a new line of automobiles. To keep track of the new line of cars we need to get a total count of how many we are going to make in a given year and then see what ends ups selling at the en of the year.

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