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Formula To Success In College Essay

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Erick Arias
Dr. Lucia
ENG. 092
November 18, 2013
Formula to College Success
Having the feeling that there is no way to pass a course or getting help, many students everywhere are feeling pressured and stressed out. There is a plethora of action students can take in order to be successful in college such as getting a tutor. In addition, most students think that looking for a tutor or getting a tutor is embarrassing. Other thing students can do to become successful in college to balance themselves. Students need to balance school, personal life, and work in other to become successful in college.
There are series of ways to pass and be successful in college such as tutoring. There are three ways students can get tutoring to become successful in college. One way students can look for tutoring is by seeking out to other students. Most students prefer to seek ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, they can get tutoring by going to an academic center. Most colleges have centers or rooms to get help from. The academic center is also the best way to get tutoring for classes because in these centers there can have both teachers and students to tutor students. Thus getting tutoring is one of the best ways students can do in order to succeed in college.
Another way to be successful in college is by balancing themselves. There are three ways a students can balance themselves to be successful in college. One way students can balance themselves is by managing their work, school and personal lives. For instance, students tend to overwhelm themselves in school work and studying. Students shouldn’t overwhelm themselves because it can cause stress which stop students from doing work. Furthermore, students can balance themselves by joining clubs in college. Attending clubs in college can also help students balance by communicating with people that have the same interest. By joining clubs students can release stress and have something to look forward to instead of cramming themselves in college studying. Finally, students can balance themselves by having a calendar/planner. Having a planner can help students in many ways to be successful. For example, by having a planner it can help students become organize. Being organized can help students because it allows the students to see what going in the future. Thus, students that balance themselves are the ones who pass classes and become successful in college.
Thus, there is a plethora of ways students can be successful in college. Students can become successful by balancing their life and school life. Balancing their life and school live can give students opportunities to release stress. In addition it can help students stay on task. Furthermore, there are many ways students can get tutoring around campus. Thus, students shouldn’t say there’s no way they can get help to become more in successful in college.

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