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Forms Of Intervention In Human Rights Abuse

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INTERVENTION The world today is full of many different ways of life. In countries around the world their way of life is a drastic cruel difference in comparison to that of North Americans. Many citizens in our society have taken into consideration the question of weather or not nations should intervene in human rights abuse. As people with values, morals and fears the question of weather or not intervention is acceptable or not arises. Society therefore becomes concerned with the forms of action the North American government will take to intervene.Some forms of intervention are through media, diplomacy and finally war. The focus will be on how North Americans feel about these forms of ...view middle of the document...

Such as: Amnesty International. A major dispute right now is the mal-treatment of women in the Middle East, especially in countries such as Afghanistan. In these countries media is controlled and monitored by the government. The government is the dictator who authorizes only a certain class and sex of people to be aloud to participate in the limited, indoctrinating form of media that is available to those allowed. "A principle familiar to propagandist is that the doctrine to be instilled in the target audience should not be articulated""Noam Chomsky" ( Main Stream Media Noam Chomsky) "The authorities have spared no effort in trying to improve their human rights image, creating various official human rights institutions and even a website, called misleadingly "" while access to Amnesty International's and other websites containing information about the human rights situation in Tunisia is blocked." ( Therefore media in North America acts as a form of intervention in Human Rights Abuse by supplying information, facts and solutions to the society about world conflicts. The problem is that as a common citizen it is impossible to be aware of the accuracy of the information being delivered to the people, causing it not to be very effective. Thus is a weak form of intervention and not accurate enough to be trusted and retaliated upon by society.Not only is the media a weak and non-effective way of intervention but because it is not accurate in its information it can also be dangerous. It may cause viewers and listeners to become and take on the bias of the source. If the information later proves to be false or incorrect the retaliation and anger that the media has instilled in its viewers was initially useless; "media is a form of propaganda that becomes useless and would only expose them to reflection inquiry, and very likely, ridicule""Noam Chomsk." ( Same as for the media not allowing information out to the public, this may happen to avoid rioting. Either way the media is a controlled source of information causing people to alter their morals, views and fears based upon inaccurate information.Another form of intervention in Human Rights Abuse is through diplomacy. Democracy: "government threw the people, usually through elected representatives | social equality." (The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary/Encyclopedic Edition) For the North American Alliance to want to intervene with another country's Human Rights issues such as Afghanistan and their mal-treatment of woman, they would have to go through the democrats. Afghanistan has many refugees running from the atmosphere that they are living in to seek help and protection in other countries such as Canada. Canada for example is a North American country that excepts many immigrants from around the world. But...

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