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Formation Of Relationships Essay

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Formation of Romantic Relationships.

The reward theory suggests that we are attracted to people if we find them satisfying to be with. Most of the stimuli in our lives is considered either rewarding or punishing and therefore we are motivated to seek the rewards and avoid the punishments. What we find rewarding or attractive in a person reflects our unmet needs, this can differ from person to person and can range from financial security to support. Mutual attraction therefore occurs when each partner meets the other’s needs.
As people in our life are stimuli and stimuli can be either rewarding or punishing it can explain why some people make us feel happy while others make us feel sad. ...view middle of the document...

In this study participants were evaluated on a creative task by an experimenter, they were then later asked to rate how much they liked the experimenter after the task. Participants were found to rate the experimenter highest if they had been praised by them. This supports the theory that we come to positively value someone if they make us feel happy. However many of the research conducted on the formation of relationships lack mundane realism as they tend to be laboratory studies. Although there are some studies that have been conducted on real life couples and have found similar findings much of the research has not shown that the need for rewards applied to real life.
Research has found that participants with a high score on a self-report questionnaire on romantic love were found to have high activity in certain areas of the brain. Research has also shown that those in early stage, intense romantic love had elevated levels of activity in areas of the brain that were rich in dopamine.
However although research has shown that reward satisfaction was rated as one of the most important factors in the formation of...

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