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Formation Of Malaysia Essay

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahhi wabaraktuh and a very good ..... ...view middle of the document...

First and foremost, permit me to put on record my sincere and utmost appreciation and gratitude to the organizers for inviting me to speak today. It is indeed a privilege and honour to have this opportunity to address you all on the subject which is very important, but distant, as the day goes by. On accepting this invitation, I hope to do justice and I will be thrilled if the little that I am going to share can spark a significant enough interest to enact discussion, discourse and action that will bring about betterment to us all in our life contributing towards a sustainable growth and ...view middle of the document...

This ignorance is a pity but harmless if it remains as such, but can be dangerous when manipulated.

This part of history is very important to us and I just wonder why most of us today don’t know about it. An average middle age persons from Sabah and Sarawak didn’t know about it and what more a same average middle age person from the peninsula. To make matter worse, some academics that have even attained renowned status are also not aware. We could argue that it is not expected of them since they are not from the history fraternity. But then again, the history of our Malaysia, how it came about, to my mind, should not be exclusive to the historians but to all Malaysians from all walk of life.

Therefore, may I ask, “could this be deliberate so as to suppress the facts or being overlooked? Likewise, are there specific motives or reasons why this part of history is not a common basic knowledge across the spectrum? It has been said that history is subject to different interpretations. There are also cases when history is being distorted especially by people in power. But in our case, this is not the case, because the very knowledge of it is not widely spread.

Are we opening sort of a “Pandora’s Box” when we discuss these issues, or are we in a “Catch 22” kind of situation? Regardless, I am of the opinion that it should not be kept at the status quo. We should instead deliberate it openly, establish a common understanding, appreciate things that we can do and what we cannot, and most important, agree on actions that are needed to better the situation. This approach, to my mind, is definitely better than to leave it on its own where isolated discussions occurring here and there, either in cyberspace or the physical ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, when 16th September came, we are flooded with writings and statements; mostly grouses pertaining to the un-kept or broken promises in relation to the formation of Malaysia. I cannot say how many for a fact, but I have seen it coming from almost all sectors of our society either in the form of writings, speeches and the like. People of religion will represent their thoughts with a bias towards the religious issue and people of trade look at it from the economic perspectives. Suffice to say that related issues are coming in from almost all sectors; economics, education, religion, human rights, politics, so on and so forth.

Allow me to share a few:
One academic who hailed from Sabah said, and I quote, “The decision to accept Tunku’s proposal to become part of the federation of Malaysia was made by people of Sabah and Sarawak on the understanding that the interests of the state will be safeguarded. These interests were enshrined in the 20/18-point Agreement. The rights were also inscribed in the London Agreements and Inter-Governmental Committee Reports. Accordingly these safeguards were not honoured and being taken away according to the whims and fancies of the federal government. Sabah and...

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