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Formal Proposal Essay

1673 words - 7 pages

E227 Global Solutions Going Green Formal Proposal
DeVry University
Professor Audra Spicer
Professional Writing
Shane’e Green
April 21, 2016

* Introduction
As we look at every day and the temperatures are extremely high I notice that the natural beauty is slowly disappearing right in front of our eyes. We have to realize that if we don’t actively try to make our environment brighter and cleaner not only for ourselves but for our children as well. A cleaner way of living is a way to provide a healthier, brighter and ...view middle of the document...

We have spent a massive amount of time consulting with our team to analyze all of the many options that can be done to make it a better life to live in.
B. Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this proposal will be that the problems are addressed and that solutions that E227 Global Solutions are a great way to go green. E227 Global Solutions plan on addressing cost, benefits, and issues that we will face by selecting these options.
C. Sources and Methods
E227 Global Solutions is looking for ways to save energy. All employees were given a reminder and notified in weekly meetings that they are to turn off all electrical equipment such as lights, computer screens, printers & fax machines. We have decided our company will invest in installing automatic shut off lights in all of our offices. We will upgrade our old computers to help lower our carbon foot print. We believe that this will definitely be our best option because the company will have the opportunity to lower carbon foot print drastically.
The following sources that will be used is reading source that will provide us with a lot of knowledge in order to provide a well-structured report. It is also important to communicate with other similar companies in how they are working to lower their carbine foot print. The other source would include various facts that we can possibly include in our plan to help us save energy with our company. It is important that we show statistics in what appliance waste energy and when a new product is shown in which our company will be implementing so that we can save energy.
D. Report Organization
This report will contain three parts: Solutions/Benefits, Costs, and the conclusion. Each and every part is an important role. In Solution and Benefits is where we will present each option. Those options are Energy Savings, Waste Management, Green Power, and Savings Paper.
E. Solution and Benefits
1. Office Improvements-Energy Efficiency
As we know it is virtually impossible to not go anywhere and see quite a few electronics hooked up such as heaters, air conditioners, telephones, computers, fans, cellphones and other electronic devices. The solution would be to talk to the source of the electricity to see if there is some way to reduce our carbon foot print in return we will have immeasurable savings.
2. Waste Management and Recycling
We need to work on our waste management and recycling to improve what is being recycled and which materials are being used and recycled. Recycling saves the environment of the most dangerous waste known to man. It is important however to not just recycle but to see what are the many sources of the recycling for example what is being recycled.

3. Green Power
Solar panels are a great option to lighting. Instead of using all of this machinery and coal to generate electricity it would be better to use natural lighting. Solar panels save the environment in the biggest way. ...

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