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Forget Close Lock In Security Menu

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User Manual for Android Multi Tools v1.02b
first device must install correct driver
This program works with any Android device .
Requires root and enable Debug mode or fast boot mode.

choice 1-6,S,H can work with Debug Mode only.
choice 7-9 can work with Fastboot Mode only.

choice detail
1.Check Device for check connection of device to PC.
2.Reset Face/PIN Lock for reset face lock on android 4.1.x and PIN lock ...view middle of the document...

After device reboot Then you can draw anything for unlock.don't forget close lock in security menu
4.Reset GMail for reset gmail login after try many time wrong unlock
5.Wipe Data for reset all data to factory setting.
6.Reboot for reboot device to normal mode or exit from adb shell.
7.Check Device On Fastboot Mode for check connection of device to on FastBoot mode.
8.Wipe Data / Cache On Fastboot Mode for erase user datat and cache on Fastboot Mode to resolve freeze,stuk on boot logo or slow down device. That is often found in the CPU Spreadtrum SC6280/SC8810.
9.Exit Fastboot Mode for reboot your PC or exit FastBoot.
0.Go To Command Promt for entering DOS can use command in this soft folder And can return to the main program by type exit
S.Software Info for info CPU inside,firmware version and etc.
H.Hardware Info for determine the IC number of Gsensor,touch screen,Camera,WIFI and more
R.Report / Contact Me links to the specific problems of the Phase I program and a bookmark.
D.Driver Download for loading the drivers in case you do not have the driver installed in your PC
E.Help for open this document
O.Donate for open link to donate to my account

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