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Forensics Week 8 And 10 Essay

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Week 8
Trace evidence is often the key to an investigation and may be your only evidence. It is critical to understand what trace evidence can do for the investigator.
What is the composition of vehicle paint layers?
What is the best way to examine paint chips and how are they evaluated?
How is soil collected and preserved at a crime scene.
What standard/reference samples need to be collected?
How is soil examined?
What does the scientist look for?

Trace evidence is anything left behind at a scene of a crime that can potentially link a
suspect and a victim to a mutual location. Examples of trace evidence are hair, fibers, gunshot
residue, soil and pollen. ...view middle of the document...

This involves heating a sample until it becomes a vapor to separate its components
to create a chemical fingerprint that can be compared to reference samples. Once complete, it can
help narrow down the make, model, and sometimes the year of a car so I its easier for
investigators to catch the perpetrator (Corbis, 2006).

Trace Evidence (2012); National Institute of Justice. Retrieved December 26, 2012 from
Corbis, S (2006); Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer. Retrieved December 26, 2012


Week 10
DNA is the evidence everyone wants to see in an investigation. It is extremely fragile and even has its limitations.
Identify and explain items that should be collected from the victim and the suspected perpetrator of a sexual assault.
What is CODIS?
What samples are included in the CODIS database?
What is PCR/STR analysis and how is it used?
What is mtDNA?
Where does mtDNA come from?
How can it help the investigation?

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA, is the building block of the human body. Every cell
contains in the body contains that person’s DNA, their blood, skin, hair, semen, saliva and bone.
And since no two people, with the exception of identical twins, share the same DNA-
investigators use...

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