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When the health of individuals is in question, the interest should outweigh anything, to include withholding “trade secrets” which give energy companies an advantage over their competitors. Even though the connection between fracking and adverse health effect has yet to be proven, exposure to certain levels of elements can be considered a health risk due to previous studies. “Elevated levels of benzene, methane, chloroform, butane, propane and xylene- compounds associated with drilling and fracking” have also been proven to attribute to “cancers, birth defects and organ damage” ( Royte, 2012). With the medical information provided, any sensible being would agree, though the need for natural ...view middle of the document...

Not only can the lives of these residents be affected directly, but indirectly as well through their food sources. “Farmers need clean water, clean air and clean soil to produce healthful food. But as the largest private landholders in shale areas across the nation, farmers are disproportionately being approached by energy companies eager to extract oil and gas from beneath their properties” (Royte, 2012). Acquiring this natural resource would not be considered first priority for those faced with these adverse effects; however, this natural resource has become a requirement for the existence we’ve come to expect and enjoy in modern society.

A libertarian viewpoint from the oil and gas companies would be to do whatever they must to keep ahead of the competition, regardless of the costs; the libertarian resident may feel it is their right to be informed of what they are or aren’t being subjected to on their property, regardless of what it may do within the oil and gas companies competitive market. An egalitarian would possibly be willing to disclose a fraction of these “trade secrets” in order to put the public’s mind at ease; the egalitarian public may be willing to...

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Forensics Essay

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