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If we are going to discuss sustainability then it is important that we discuss the use of sustainability in foreign countries. Sustainability is not a concept that is limited to the United States. Truly sustainability is about a better quality of life, which ranges from economic, social and environmental aspects. It is safe to say that sustainability is not just vital in America but any place that is concerned with its societies well being. Sustainability is a concept that has an enormous impact on the world as a whole so it is principle to understand what is being done in different countries concerning this concept. Briefly we will discuss sustainability in foreign countries.
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One of Chinas most innovative ideas can be found in Shanghai. It is in Shanghai where the world first magnetic levitation train can be found. This train is capable of reaching speeds up to 400 miles per hour.
Another country in which sustainability is vital is England. According to the group Sustainability East, the top priorities for England are as follows:
* Embedding sustainable development in a 'big society'
* The region’s particular vulnerability to the effects of climate change
* Pressure to accommodate major population and economic growth
* The persistence of inequality and social exclusion despite the region’s overall economic prosperity
Climate Change is such a big issue in England due its location. They are extremely vulnerable to the rise in sea level and this of course has an adverse affect on communities and land development. They have to prepare for potential land loss as well as the affects on food and water.
One similar theme that can be compared to the US is England’s inequality and social exclusion. According to Sustainability East, A significant number of people experience inequality and social exclusion. Pockets of quite severe deprivation are found across the region, particularly in Norfolk and Suffolk. It is estimated that 22% of children and 25% of pensioners in the region live in poverty (east). The United...

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