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Foreign Military Bases Essay

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The following is a list of countries that host military bases belonging to other countries. A large system of foreign military bases was established by the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has reduced their network of foreign military bases, though retaining a sizable network, while the U.S. has taken steps to expand the geography of its military presence in the world by global repositioning.[1]
1 French
* 2 Indian
* 3 Italian
* 4 Japanese
* 5 Russian
* 6 Turkish
* 7 United Kingdom
* 8 United States
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[4] Up to 4,000 personnel.
* Armenia - Air base in Yerevan, military base in Gyumri (102nd Military Base). 3,214[5] or 5,000 personnel according to another source.[6]
* Belarus - Volga-type radar station near Hantsavichy and Baranovichi (operational since 2002).[7][8]Naval communication center near Vileyka.[5] Jet fighters deployment at the 61st air base in Baranovichi.[9]
* Kazakhstan - Dnepr radar station in at Balkhash-9 near Lake Balkhash.[5] Sary Shagan testing grounds.[10] Baikonur Cosmodrome.[11][12]
* Kyrgyzstan - Air base in Kant, the 338th Russian Navy's long-haul communications center, anti-submarine torpedo weapons testing grounds (Karakol, Issyk Kul)
* South Ossetia - The Russian 4th Military Base has 2 main compounds in South Ossetia: one on the northwestern outskirts of Tskhinvali and another in Java. There is also a large number of troops stationed in the Leningor District.[4] Up to 4,000 personnel.
* Syria - Naval facility in Tartus
* Tajikistan - 201st base of the Ministry of Defense in Dushanbe, Qurghonteppa, Kulob. 7,500 personnel.
* Transnistria - Peacekeeping operative group consisting of staff, separate maneuver brigades, anti-aircraft missile regiment, independent regiment and air group. 1,000 personnel.
* Vietnam - Logistics base in the port of Cam Ranh Bay.[13] Although military presence had been diminishing for several years, in 2013 Russia and Vietnam signed a new military cooperation agreement.[14]
* Cyprus - 10th Corps of the Turkish Land Forces: 2 mechanized infantry divisions, 1 armored brigade
United Kingdom[edit]
* Falkland Islands (British Overseas Territory) - 1,650 personnel
* Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory) - 1,000 personnel
* Diego Garcia (British Overseas Territories) - Division of British Armed Forces of 40 personnel
* Cyprus (Sovereign Base...

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