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Foreign Currency Payments Essay

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A Case Study: How CIGNA Streamlined its Foreign Currency Payments
Global Finance
CIGNA, an international employee benefits provider, makes cross-border payments by wire, check and ACH to more than 225,000 beneficiaries in over 70 countries. The company wished to simplify and automate its foreign currency payments. Key objectives were to accelerate payment processing time, trim cost and to ensure a superior service to their clients.
The Problem: Payment Timing is Critical to Service Quality
Typically, producing checks and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements (i.e., remittance advices), adds a week or more to processing time in addition to the time for crossborder delivery. But ...view middle of the document...

To achieve this goal, the client was seeking a solution that considered shared service centres, automation, and/or outsourcing as methods of bringing about this liberation.
Why Deloitte?
The tax work was put to tender and we presented a five year view of how the client’s Corporation Tax compliance and accounting processes could be transitioned over to an outsourced arrangement with us in a safe and assured manner. We also gave a clear articulation of the opportunities that existed over the same time period for the client to transform their practice of tax, setting out a strategic and innovative plan to deliver both process efficiencies and better, quicker access to information. Our vision for the client encompassed quality, automation, tax knowledge sharing and organisational change, and detailed how our two organisations could collaborate to secure an eminent future for the client’s tax function.
The client picked us as their partner of choice and we are currently undertaking one of the largest projects of its kind in the world, transitioning Corporation Tax compliance and accounting processes...

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