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Forecasting Essay

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Week Two Practice Problems Resources: MyMathLab®
Complete the Week Two Practice Problems in MyMathLab®. 04/25/2013 4
Week Two Quiz Resources: MyMathLab®
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Learning Team
Inventory Systems Summary The purpose of this assignment is to prepare for subsequent assignments in this course.
Research one inventory system per team member used in an organization with which you are familiar. (e.g. perpetual, periodic, FIFO, LIFO)
Collect four years of inventory data from each organization. If you are not abel to find data, you may also use the University of Phoenix Material: Summer Historical Inventory Data or University of Phoenix Material: Winter Historical Inventory Data.
Collaborate as a team to compare the inventory systems.
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Read Topics 2–3 & 5 of Quantitative Reasoning. 04/30/2013 N/A
In-Class Exercises 1. In-Class Team Exercise
There will be an In-Class graded Team Exercise in this course, usually during the first hour of the class session when we do a Team Exercise/Team Activity that will help you understand the objectives of the weekly material. For example, article discussion, or discussion about your professional experience to apply concepts in this course. The exercise will not be given in advance, it will be provided to you in class.
2. In-Class Individual Exercise
There will be an In-Class graded Individual Exercise in this course, usually during the last hour of the class session when we do an Individual Exercise/Activity that will help you further your understanding the objectives of the weekly material. For example, it can be in a form of a pop quiz, or solving a brief real-life example related to the material. The exercise will not be given in advance, it will be provided to you in class. 04/30/2013
In Class

In Class 1

Week Three Practice Problems Resources: MyMathLab®
Complete the Week Three Practice Problems in MyMathLab®. 05/02/2013 4
Week Three Quiz Resources: MyMathLab®
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Forecasting with Indices Resources: Week Two assignment, University of Phoenix Material: Summer Historical Inventory Data, and University of Phoenix Material: Winter Historical Inventory Data
Select one organization from either your Week Two Learning Team assignment, University of Phoenix Material: Summer Historical Inventory Data, or University of Phoenix Material: Winter Historical Inventory Data to complete this assignment.
Convert the data from your chosen source into an index.
Use the time series data from your index to forecast inventory for next year.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 05/02/2013 4

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