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Ford Motor Co. Organizational Planning Essay

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Organizational Planning at Ford Motor Company

Organizational Planning at Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company manufactures and distributes vehicles around six continents making it one of the largest automotive manufacturer’s in the world. The company has a strong market position as a result of its product portfolio that gives Ford significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. However, Ford Motor continues to strive to become the world’s leading consumer company for automotive products and services ("Sustainability Report", 2014).
Achieving Goals
To achieve goals, Ford plans to implement both strategic and operational plans that coincide with the ...view middle of the document...

That concept, combined with the company’s standardized flexible production facilities allows Ford to produce vehicles to meet customer preferences or changes across markets as they occur.
Operational Plan
The economies of the different markets across the globe affect Ford Motor Company, especially the profits in the production of small cars in Europe. Its European operations have continued to report a loss because of the challenging economic conditions, and higher commodity and material costs. Ford has a strong engineering and research and development capability to aid in increasing profits. The efforts directed at improving the performance and the development of new products. This strong research and development support and increase Ford’s service offerings, and enable it to drive future growth.
Ford has also had frequent product recalls that have affected Ford’s quality image. Ford has recalled some of its most popular models due to manufacturing and design problems ("Sustainability Report", 2014). This can negatively impact the consumer confidence in Ford and will damage the brand name and trust in its products. Ford has aggressively invested in its production facilities for a more lean, green, and flexible manufacturing facilities. Such strategic investments will enhance the production facilities of Ford and help it to manufacture more efficient products for its customers.
Planning Effects on Stakeholders
Stakeholders have an interdependent role with Ford Motor Company and included in the company’s overall planning. The internal stakeholders include employees, unions, and shareholders. When Ford begins its planning process, the welfare of its employees is important as
Ford faces workplace health and safety challenges. The challenges include establishing expectations for employee safety worldwide. The majority of its manufacturing facilities have...

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